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jean miele | Published on Mar 10, 2013 |
Photoshop's Gradient Tool can be used with layer masks for creating both tonal edits and photo composites. Photoshop instructor Jean Miele shows why this largely underused tool should be a part of every power-user’s repertoire.
Martin Evening | Published on Jul 6, 2012 |
Adobe Photoshop has been around for 10 years, during which 13 major versions have been released. In this article, photographer and Photoshop expert Martin Evening takes you through his favorite photography-oriented features of the latest incarnation of Adobe Photoshop - Photoshop CS6.
Barney Britton | Published on Jun 15, 2012 |
Sometimes even the widest angle lens isn't wide enough to capture the scene in front of you. That's where photo collages come in. In this single-page technique article, Barney Britton explains how to shoot and create your own collages.
Martin Evening | Published on Apr 23, 2012 |
Learn how the latest changes to the raw processing tools in Lightroom 4 and Adobe Camera Raw 7 can be used to make extreme image contrast adjustments.
Amadou Diallo | Published on Aug 31, 2011 |
In this article we take a look at how to optimize your photographic images for the web.

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