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Tim Moynihan | Published on May 17, 2013 |
Adobe’s recent announcement that everything beyond Photoshop CS6 will need to be rented as part of Creative Cloud has caused a fair amount of disquiet, but Photoshop isn't the only game in town. In this article we'll be taking a quick look at 10 other pieces of image manipulation software.
Amadou Diallo | Published on Apr 15, 2013 |
The Adobe Lightroom 5 public beta introduces a more flexible healing tool, adaptive perspective corrections, a new selective adjustment tool and the ability to edit images that are offline. Here's what you need to know to start exploring these imaging and workflow enhancements.
Amadou Diallo | Published on Feb 26, 2013 |
The Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 and Lightroom 4.4 release candidates include a much-anticipated re-working of raw support for Fujifilm X-Trans sensor cameras the X-Pro1, X-E1, X100S, and X20. Find out if these changes offer the quality improvements users have been waiting for.
Amadou Diallo | Published on Jan 23, 2013 |
There's no shortage of quality raw conversion options but there's little consensus as to which one is the best. We've put three of the most popular cross-platform choices through a comprehensive side-by-side comparison. Find out which one is right for you.
Richard Butler | Published on Jan 14, 2013 |
The latest version of Capture One brings support for Fujifilm's X-Trans sensors - something we noted other software struggled with, in our review of the X-Pro 1. Beta versions of v7.0.2 are reported to solve the problem. Do the results live up to the expectation?
Amadou Diallo | Published on Nov 23, 2012 |
DxO's Optics Pro 8 introduces a print module, UI enhancements and some new and updated image adjustment tools. Here's a brief look at what the new version of this raw converter has to offer.
Lauren Crabbe | Published on May 29, 2012 |
Photo editing software maker Nik has been making applications and plug-ins for digital photographers for years. Following the release of popular photo editing app Snapseed for iOS in 2011, Nik has has created a version for PC and Mac desktops. How does it compare? Lauren Crabbe finds out.
theappwhisperer | Published on May 21, 2012 |
Apple has taken the best bits of the well-known iPhoto Mac app and adapted it for the iPad and iPhone. Joanne Carter of theappwhisperer.com site takes a look.
Lauren Crabbe | Published on Apr 21, 2012 |
CameraBag from Nevercenter has been popular with lo-fi photo fans for years as an iOS app, and with CameraBag 2, Nevercenter has completely redesigned it from the ground up, for desktop computers. Click here to read our review.
Amadou Diallo | Published on Mar 22, 2012 |
The Photoshop CS6 Public Beta introduces a host of new functionality along with a completely redesigned interface. Learn which changes and new features are relevant to photographers and image editing.
theappwhisperer | Published on Mar 11, 2012 |
After originally launching on Android, Adobe Photoshop Touch has since been released for Apple’s iPad 2. Joanne Carter of theappwhisperer.com site takes a second look at Adobe’s tablet-based image editing app to see what differences, if any, exist in this particular iteration.
Amadou Diallo | Published on Mar 6, 2012 |
Adobe Lightroom 4 adds a book creation module, geo-tagging, soft proofing capability and significant changes to image editing tools. This review will show you what you need to know to get started in this latest version.
theappwhisperer | Published on Mar 6, 2012 |
Camera Zoom is one of the most popular camera apps for Android, featuring both camera control and image enhancement. Joanne Carter of theappwhisperer.com site provides us with a brief review of the capabilities.
theappwhisperer | Published on Feb 2, 2012 |
After the success of the original Hipstamatic app, the second in the series, Hipstamatic Disposable, builds on the appeal of the unpredictability of 'toy' cameras but introduces a unique twist to sharing the user experience. Joanne Carter of theappwhisperer.com takes a closer look.
theappwhisperer | Published on Jan 6, 2012 |
King Camera is one of the growing number of all-in-one apps for the iPhone combining image capture and image enhancement. Following a recent price adjustment, King Camera is now available for free. In this article, Joanne Carter of theappwhisperer.com takes a closer look.
theappwhisperer | Published on Dec 28, 2011 |
In this article, Joanne Carter takes a look at Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android. Boasting support for layers, and familiar Photoshop effects and filters, Photoshop Touch might just be the editing tool that Android Tablet users have been waiting for looking for.
Kelcey Smith | Published on Dec 12, 2011 |
Even though lo-fi photographic styles have all come from the analog world of film, these techniques are finding their way in to the digital realm. Retro filters included in newer cameras and social photo sharing applications are most likely the catalyst for lo-fi's recent popularity.
theappwhisperer | Published on Dec 1, 2011 |
Smartphones and tablets can be useful for photographers in all sort of ways, but its easy to overlook one of the things that they're best at - showing off your images. In this roundup, Joanne Carter of theappwhisperer.com examines eight of the best portfolio apps currently available for Apple's iOS.
theappwhisperer | Published on Nov 10, 2011 |
Due to the proliferation of apps aimed at the casual mobile photographer, it's easy to overlook some of the myriad more serious options. In this article we take a look at some of the best 'photographic tool' apps for both Apple iOS and Android.
Richard Butler | Published on Oct 21, 2011 |
Adobe Senior Product Marketing Manager Chris Quek talks us through the company's Carousel cloud-based cross-platform image sharing and editing service.
Total: 21, showing: 1 – 20
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