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HEWCanon | Published on Jan 9, 2013 |
To put it simply, any scene is divided in brightness from 0-9 (IX), with zero being pure black and IX being pure white with no details .. and zone V the middle neutral grey 18% which the camera metering always aims for .. with each zone or stop double the one below in brightness and vice versa ..
jezsik | Published on Apr 12, 2012 |
Composition is the most important component of great photography. Understanding how to compose an image will improve your ability to take good pictures.
jezsik | Published on Oct 11, 2011 |
The golden hour, when the sun is just over the horizon, is an excellent time for taking photographs.
jezsik | Published on Oct 4, 2011 |
Shooting close up for impact (SCUFI) is a great technique for separating a subject from its surroundings to create compositions with greater stopping power. This is not a macro technique, but actually getting closer to your subject.
jezsik | Published on Oct 3, 2011 |
The rule of thirds is an easy way for beginning photographers to improve the composition of their photographs. This article explains how to break away from a center-oriented composition and create a more dynamic image.
George E620 | Published on Sep 30, 2011 |
Shooting small flowers has many challenges. This describes both the equipment and process of one approach.
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