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Waqas1 | Published on Apr 3, 2014 |
One of a kind nixplay Cloud Frame that comes with a easy to use Photo Management System. This is a brand new product by NIX who are a well know digital photo frame brand. This model comes in 8 inch but the 12 inch and 15 inch are coming out soon. Amazing for people who love to enjoy their photos
HEWCanon | Published on Jan 9, 2013 |
To put it simply, any scene is divided in brightness from 0-9 (IX), with zero being pure black and IX being pure white with no details .. and zone V the middle neutral grey 18% which the camera metering always aims for .. with each zone or stop double the one below in brightness and vice versa ..
HEWCanon | Published on Jan 8, 2013 |
The idea is not clipping while preserving as much detail as possible in the shadows where the signal/noise ratio is very low while also preserving most of the tonal details residing in the right bright illuminated part of the curve where there is a high signal/noise ratio ..
HEWCanon | Published on Jan 7, 2013 |
First thing after taking photos and importing them to a PC is to organise them in a way that allows finding them in the future
AnandaSim | Published on Jan 28, 2012 |
Beginners repeatedly ask the question "Photoshop or Lightroom". This article tries to summarise the rationale behind using either or both programs
AnandaSim | Published on Oct 9, 2011 |
We often have questions by newcomers on what free software is available. These requests for information could occur in any forum and we often come up with some favourites. Here's a reference point where we can point newbies to.
Linus M | Published on Oct 2, 2011 |
A short guide on the use of freeware to deshake videos. With sample Videos.
Total: 7, showing: 1 – 7