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patdavid | Published on Mar 29, 2013 |
A complete portrait session walk-through including capturing the image, and all of the step-by-step postprocessing to finish the image.
CarstenKostrzewa | Published on Sep 21, 2012 |
This article tries to provide a practical guide on how to estimate the maximum strength of background blur for a given camera / sensor type.
patdavid | Published on Mar 6, 2012 |
Using a hyper-detailed 3D model as a portrait lighting test for various lighting types and modifiers.
Creative Photo Workshops | Published on Sep 29, 2011 |
One of the biggest issues confronting photographers starting out shooting portraits is how to pose their subject. Here are a few pointers that will work out every time for you.
Total: 4, showing: 1 – 4