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Hooman Khosravi | Published on Feb 23, 2013 |
Nadar opened his first photography studio in 1854, but he only practiced for six years. Naser al-din Shah was the first Iranian to be photographed. Later he became interested in photography and became a patron of photography in Iran and played an important role in promotion and development of this
Payam Ghafoori | Published on Feb 1, 2012 |
each and every camera make and model produces different (maybe slightly) color tones of the subject. Monitors and printers also do the same. Therefore in order to keep constant and predictable results it is inevitable to use different tools and techniques to manage colors in our photos.
Payam Ghafoori | Published on Dec 21, 2011 |
Portraits for sure are among the most popular and fascinating types of photographs. In this article it is briefly explained what should be connected with inside to make able the photographer to step outside the everyday portrait for the money routine and start creating something of more value.
Payam Ghafoori | Published on Nov 10, 2011 |
In this article I am going to share some of my own experiences regarding these fast prime lenses and their practical use in portraiture.
Payam Ghafoori | Published on Oct 29, 2011 |
Photographing models has been always a tempting experience. In this article I am going to outline the tips and tricks I found useful to achieve the most out of such kind of photography sessions.
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