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MarshallG | Published on Feb 14, 2014 |
How to buy a used Canon 7D with confidence! This guide will explain how to thoroughly inspect a used EOS 7D before purchase.
Dimitri_P | Published on Jan 3, 2013 |
How to avoid turning your printer into a doorstop after a windows 8 upgade fest.
Bora Cyprus | Published on Dec 11, 2012 |
Will CSC completely replace the DSLR's ?
PhilPreston3072 | Published on Sep 21, 2012 |
Canon DSLR shots can look pretty plain straight out of the box. Learn how to customise your DSLR Picture Styles so that you can get great colours straight out of the camera.
Michael J Posner | Published on Jul 2, 2012 |
A quick review of the Canon 8mm015mm zoom fisheye lens
TokyoAce | Published on Feb 13, 2012 |
Impressions from the Camera Photo Plus Show 2012 in Yokohama, Japan --- Nikon D800, D4, Gitzo Systematic tripods, Canon Pixus Pro-1 printer, Black Rapid Camera Slings, Fresco Giclee archive print papers, Benro, Nissin, Green Valley
Payam Ghafoori | Published on Feb 1, 2012 |
each and every camera make and model produces different (maybe slightly) color tones of the subject. Monitors and printers also do the same. Therefore in order to keep constant and predictable results it is inevitable to use different tools and techniques to manage colors in our photos.
Payam Ghafoori | Published on Dec 21, 2011 |
Buying photography gears has been always one of the hottest topics of all photography forums and discussions. In this article I tried to briefly introduce the different classes of DSLRs now available in the market and explain the each field of usage.
WilbaW | Published on Oct 14, 2011 |
The myth that focus-locking phase-detection autofocus is an open-loop control system is "Busted!" This article provides tests you can use to prove it is not only a closed-loop control system, but that it's fundamentally the same process as continuous-focus and always has been.
Martin Ocando | Published on Oct 13, 2011 |
Basic technique for taking Lightning shots using Magic Lantern's Motion Detect feature.
CJ | Published on Oct 9, 2011 |
A first person view backstage on shooting at the sea.
WilbaW | Published on Oct 2, 2011 |
A collection of short answers to the questions that are often asked on the Canon Rebel (EOS 1100D-300D) Talk forum.
Charrick | Published on Sep 30, 2011 |
The Canon SX30 IS is one incredible superzoom bridge camera. It combines an ultra-long 35x zoom with unsurpassed 4.5 stop image stabilization to allow you to take pictures that you never thought you'd be able to.
CJ | Published on Sep 28, 2011 |
How did yo shoot that? Here is a simple first-person video on some street photography in Venice. Hope you enjoy.
Total: 14, showing: 1 – 14