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Alain Briot | Published on Jun 27, 2013 |
Composition is an important aspect of good photographs. In this essay I offer remarks about composition . These are organized as a loose list of items written as they crossed my mind and that I wanted to share.
Alain Briot | Published on May 23, 2013 |
The 15 fundamental rules of composition explained by Alain in an easy to read, step by step format. The goal of this essay is to help you create photographs that you will be proud to show and exhibit.
HEWCanon | Published on Jan 9, 2013 |
To put it simply, any scene is divided in brightness from 0-9 (IX), with zero being pure black and IX being pure white with no details .. and zone V the middle neutral grey 18% which the camera metering always aims for .. with each zone or stop double the one below in brightness and vice versa ..
Total: 3, showing: 1 – 3