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Michael Jardine | Published on Feb 19, 2014 |
They say "every picture tells a story." But sometimes, it takes two.
MarshallG | Published on Feb 14, 2014 |
How to buy a used Canon 7D with confidence! This guide will explain how to thoroughly inspect a used EOS 7D before purchase.
Doug Pardee | Published on Feb 12, 2014 |
VSCO's descriptions of the ten presets of their Legacy Collection don't give the potential buyer anything to go on. Here's a look at those presets.
Doug Pardee | Published on Feb 11, 2014 |
VSCO's descriptions of the twelve presets of their Contemporary Collection don't give the potential buyer much to go on. Here's a more in-depth look at those presets.
diasimo | Published on Feb 10, 2014 |
Don't buy one. There's a fundamental design fault. They leak and die
Glen Barrington | Published on Feb 10, 2014 |
Some specific hints on using the masking brushes in ACDSee Pro 7 based on my experiences. Some of the hints should apply to the masking tools found in other software, so non-ACDSee users should find some of this information useful.
RussBrown | Published on Feb 7, 2014 |
An introduction to my new book Paths to Artistic Imaging in Photoshop. A book for more advanced Photoshop users who wish to progress beyond the beginner stage and into more challenging and rewarding territory.
Gaby Awad | Published on Feb 5, 2014 |
Because your speedlite is a very small source of light, if you point it directly at your subject, the result would be a harsh unnatural photo with ugly shadows everywhere. We need to disperse those light rays from directly hitting our subject. To do that we use umbrellas, softboxes, and diffuse pane
mini23 | Published on Feb 5, 2014 |
The Canon EOS 5D Mark III has a very sophisticated and complex AF System. The possible combinations to tweak the AF properties are basically unlimited, so especially for beginners it can be hard to assess which configuration will yield the best results.
Hgonzag | Published on Feb 3, 2014 |
Do you want to use your old P Cokin filters with your new Cokin Z-Pro holder?, please read.
George Koultouridis | Published on Jan 29, 2014 |
“Manual exposure” is an iPhone app designed by a landscape photographer for other landscape photographers.
The A-Team | Published on Jan 25, 2014 |
High CRI values ring flash light -AHL-HC100
Gary Dean Mercer Clark | Published on Jan 22, 2014 |
Miami Street Photography Festival during Art Basel, Dec 2013 with VP of Marketing for the USA, Roland Wolff at the Leica VIP tent. Mr. Wolff discusses the Sinar purchase, S system and discusses how each camera is handmade which is reflected in the purchase price compared to mass produced cameras.
Glen Barrington | Published on Jan 17, 2014 |
This article is designed to provide a specific practical flow of work for providing high quality base level of sharpening using ACDSee Pro 7. I have included significant background information on sharpening in general. Users of software other than ACDSee Pro 7 might find this text useful.
The A-Team | Published on Jan 13, 2014 |
smooth USB focus controller
Vishal Sabharwal | Published on Jan 7, 2014 |
This is an excerpt from an article I wrote almost a year back reflecting my first impressions of the Zeiss Distagon 1.4/55mm.
JoeWall | Published on Jan 7, 2014 |
Requirements and thoughts about being a pro photographer
Superka | Published on Jan 6, 2014 |
Feeling of despair for ignoring film shooters by photo business companies.
gollywop | Published on Jan 4, 2014 |
ETTR, Exposure to the Right, results in an exposure that maximizes captured signal-to-noise and provides the best information from which to base a final image. This can be achieved in several ways. ETTR images of scenes with low-DR and high-DR require very different processing steps.
Gaby Awad | Published on Jan 3, 2014 |
Sometimes you look at your photos and notice there are flares. Flare is mainly caused by direct light hitting the front glass of the lens. The main sources of flares are sunlight, street lamp, or direct light from another source... Continue reading this article is to know how to avoid flare.
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