Fisheye for the Car Guy

I have always been fascinated by fish eye photography.  In this world of sunsets, mountains, beaches, bikini models and other great photos, few have tackled the last frontier, the 180 degree fish eye photo.  A few years back I received a 8mm Peleng lens from Belarus to experiment with and it woprked well as an occasional use lens but I was frustrated by the crop factor.  It went from 8mm to 12.8mm on my Canon and to 16mm on my Olympus.  I also found it was hard to focus and get good exposures.    I did learn the reverse trick after all of my EP3 shots were bad.  You basically unscrew the lens at the front to change how it focuses.

 Canon 20d with Peleng 8mm

To solve the crop factor I purchased a Canon 5d.  Still I had issues getting good shots with the Peleng.  It became a trial and error process.  I also had to remember to stop down the lens everytime as you will generally want to shot with a small aperature for any depth of field.  

Olympus EP3 with Peleng 8mm

Eventually I decided to bite the bullet and purchase Canon EF 8-15mm f/4 L USM Fisheye Lens.  This has solved several problems for me, by giving proper exposure information to the camera and autofocusing.  I shoot mostly in Aperature priority and try to get as much depth of field as possible.  I aslo use the Canon Focusing Screen Ee-D to aid in lining up my shots.  The grid really helps keep the car centered.

My new niche is antique, classic and modern cars, all shot through the fisheye perspective.  Car cruise-ins are a great place to see old cars and to take some great photos.

Canon 5d with Canon 8mm

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