Give Life to Photos & Videos with Chroma Key Software

Do you admire ‘The Matrix’, the sci-fi trilogy or ‘Green Lantern’, a comic? Look for chroma key green screen software free version on the internet.

Green screen software is one of the latest applications available online. To use this software, make sure that the system has enough space to provide an accommodation to the software. The software can be made available easily even when you have Mac operating system in your PCs and other high-end applications for the use of photographers and videographers. This software certainly allows the users to make their photos and videos more realistic and livelier.  Making virtual reality images or videos is much easier with this software even if you are an amateur or home-based photographer or videographer. The videographer who wants to make his / her video completely unique and customer-friendly is advised to download new digital video / image backgrounds from the internet.

Give Life to Photos and Videos with Chroma Key Software

Green screen editing software is basically the software application which allows the videographer or photographer to mix 2 different frames into one in order to remove color of one photo. The newsrooms as well as movie makers use this composition technique to produce simple yet pleasing photos and videos. In newsrooms, the technique is most commonly used in weather reporting task. Here, a world map or other map of any place or country is used & transposed to a green screen video. The procedure with which the task is completed is known as chroma key. In movie making field, the cinematographers make use of green screen video software for enhancing the entire experience of cinematography. In ‘The Matrix’, the unbelievable effects are applied in the scenes with the help of this software only. Some other blockbuster movies such as 300 and Transformers are perfect examples of virtual reality movies made with the help of chroma keying software.

Why Green Screen?

The composting technique utilizes the green color due to the fact that it doesn’t match with the human skin color. Further, image sensors inside the digital cameras are also sensitive to green color. The cameras assign more pixels to green which helps to bring special effects in the photos or videos. Green color contains the least amount of noise when masking the photo’s or video’s background.

If you want to introduce special effects in your videos or photos, you can try a free green screen software program and get an edge in making high quality photos and videos.

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