Fuji X – Power the moment. Photographic inspirations and visual philosophy with Fuji X Rangefinder cameras - a visual book

delastro | Opinions | Published Mar 9, 2013

In my eyes the Fuji X cameras can give you the chance to come from a simple lifestyle to a good style of life.

This sentence is from the publication (pdf) "Fuji X - Power the moment"

At the photokina in the year 2010 I saw many people looking at the model of the Fuji X100. It was a really magic moment because people wanted more than design. They wanted a combination of experience and tradition in combination with new thinking. And this camera was it. A lot of people - I too - discussed about this camera concept with this special viewfinder. It was a camera for the new age for people with photographic demands.

After one year with the Fuji X100 I saw that the camera is something special. I think you have the chance to switch from a lifestyle product to a new style of life with this special system. The combination of tradition and innovation is very special and was in the history of user photography a milestone.

In earlier times people knew that photography means to have more from life because your consiousness, your view and your way of thinking in text and images was different.

The keynote is to show that you can change your way of life a little bit. You do not live for photography but you can live with photography in a deeper way than simply "to have" a new camera. It is the way to use the camera as an instrument for visualisations of the world and to see "changes" and hints. This is philosophy but with images and not with text. This is my opinion too.

One thought can change a life. And may be one of the thoughts in this ebook can change the way you see things.

There exist this special small publication with visual information for your personal way.

You can use photography to become a better photographer or/and you can use photography to fix and to see tendencies in and aorund yourself.

Photography as a part of the own life concept.

It is a publication for reading (pdf) and it is a visualisation of not-seen-basics. May be you like it. The best is the book is free for a limited time.

You find it on www.lensworker.net.

 Power the moment. Photographic inspirations and visual philosophy with Fuji X cameras by Mike Master