Owned this camera for 18 months now . Initially disappointed by the image quality as pictures seemed painted/smudged straight out of camera ,compared to my last camera (Panasonic Lumix). After adjusting sharpening to max. in-camera , and further adjusting on p.c. with photoshop , I have had some fairly good results. The zoom is impressive and the 10 fps burst speed is also good , but the write speed is dreadful , and disables the camera for 5 or 6 seconds . The camera was considerably more expensive than the Fuji / Canon / Nikon competitors – presumably because of the GPS and 3D gadgets in camera – neither of which I have ever used . I was expecting a reasonably sturdy camera however , as it cost appx. £400 ! After just 18 months of careful , normal usage with no accidents or misuse – the shutter trigger and power zoom lever stiffened and then came off . Now out of warranty , I contacted Sony “support” who were unhelpful . After navigating their automated system for over an hour and then eventually contacting a person – they wanted £117 to repair this. Despite my protests . they were trenchant in demands for fee. Am disgusted that such an expensive bridge camera should break after such a short period of time , and very disappointed in Sony’s “support” . Can NOT recommend this camera on grounds of build quality , and would avoid Sony products in general – based on customer “support” experience .

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