Windows 8 upgrade strategy to keep your printer happy.

Dimitri_P | Printing | Published Jan 3, 2013

There has been some talk about printer manufacturers not "keeping up" with the new OS aka Windows 8.

There are perhaps printers that  will simply not run under windows 8,  others can be used by what is perceived by the users as "old", "outdated" drivers making them feel that they are somehow being "shafted" by the printer manufacturer.

Hence this article.

I do  believe the manfacturers should take some of the ink profit and throw it back into driver development.  At the same time for anyone that owns a printer, finger pointing is a great venting mechanism but once you've overwritten your current windows installation with windows 8 , no amount of venting will get the printer to work if the driver does not exist or does not work properly.

The folowing has been discussed in at least one thread and there are indications the practice is not all that uncommon, but not quite as widespread as one would expect.

Anyone spending a couple of bucks to buy the windows 8 "upgrade" should also consider purchasing a hard drive (or SSD if you wanna go high tech) and make a copy of your existing drive to the new one.(Most drives have utilities available to accomplish this)

Then and only then using only the new drive connected to the machine, use your new shiny windows 8 DVD to upgrade your computer.

If anything goes wrong, you don't "like" it or you end up with unresolvable stability issues and you want to get back to your "previous windows installation semi-instantly, take the new drive off, put the old drive on and go on with your life

It's not unlike upgrading to a new camera; (or printer for that matter). Do you sell the old one first or do you try the new one and once you decide to keep it, get rid of the "old" one? (Rhetorical question;no need to answer).

So, tell a friend and maybe save them a  headeache, a reinstall, and a few days or nights  worth of sleep.,  and keep on printing.