Are young adults still willing to purchase a digital camera? Or does the Smartphone satisfy their needs?

Digital Camera vs. Smartphone

Almost every young adult in the Netherlands owns a smartphone these days. They carry them around all day and whip them out to take snap shots of the moments of their lives. More and more young adults are using their smartphone as their primary camera. Even though I believe most of them know that the quality of pictures taking by a smartphone is much lower than a digital camera. Why do young consumers prefer taking pictures with their smartphone?

I can not look into the future, but the technology of cameras on smartphones is constantly improving. I myself am a young adult and own an Iphone 4s. I primarily use it to take pictures, knowing that the quality of the pictures is lower than when I would use my digital camera. For some reason it seems to be sufficient.

This makes me wonder whether the young adults of today will, in the future, only make use of their smartphones, where they can use Apps to edit pictures and post them directly on their social networks, and have no need for a digital camera anymore?

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By carlisimo (Dec 2, 2012)

A lot of my friends use their smartphone cameras most of the time (particularly indoors), and a superzoom compact when they're out doing touristy things. Regular point and shoot compacts aren't better enough to justify carrying one to an indoor event... I expect that market will die out, leaving specialized compacts and up.

By matt8327 (Nov 21, 2012)

I'm confused, you talk about people using the digital camera in their phone, then ask if they will have no need for a digital camera?

I have multiple digital cameras (and lenses)

I carry a highly portable one with me all the time (the digital camera in my phone) I use it quite often for convenience.

When I expect a more demanding situation, or I want higher quality. I'll drag out the SLR with the external flash, multiple lenses etc.

It's a trade off, I do expect smartphone digital cameras are sufficient for many people, and they are definitely more convenient, and you have already paid for it. I think this will steal the low end of the market, with the low end creeping up over time.
I don't expect to see dedicated digital cameras to go away any time soon. But it will get more competitive.

By amicus70 (Jun 27, 2012)

That's not a question for "young" adults; I'm an old adult. My smartphone has not a very good camera (Samsung Galaxy S plus), so the phone is no alternative for a compact camera. Since I don't participate in social networks I don't need the smartphone-camera. My next smartphone will have a good lens so I think, in the future I don't need a compact-camera. I will always need my DSLR because I don't belive that the quality of the smartphone-cameras will ever reach the quality of a good DSLR. My opinion is: if you interested in serious photography you need a DSLR. For everyday-photography and the participation in social-networks a good smartphone-camera will do it.

By frederieke (Jun 21, 2012)

I am a young adult and I only use my smartphone. I think young adults of today and in the future don't need digital camera's anymore. The most people I know don't even have a digital camera. A digital camera is expensive and bigger than a smartphone. I also forget to take a camera with me, thats why I like the camera on my smartphone. I always carry it with me. Another reason is the fact that it is so easy to send the photo's to friends and my social networks. With a digital camera you have to send the pictures first to the computer and than you can use them for other things. That takes time, and the young adults of today and in the future want to do things as quickly as possible.

Total comments: 4