Extension tubes. Kenko vs Aputure

Apurture vs. Kenko

In working with these two products I found big differences in the engineering that favored one over the other for obvious differences.

Kenko – I liked the look of the Kenko better, better designed for looks.. but that’s the most positive thing I can say about it. Kenko uses a smooth plastic button on each ring to activate the release mechanism. 

It simply looks better and more professional than the Apurture rings. However, while it may feel better, when removing or attaching the rings, the engineering seems sloppy. 

There’s a feeling the parts are grinding against each other when you move them. This does not inspire confidence. Then, while holding the rings in my hand, I shook them a little bit and could hear many loosely fitting parts clinking and clanging away in there. That was not a good feeling of security as well.

Apurture – the changing mechanism on each ring is activated by a piece of speckle metal protruding.  from each ring. It frankly looks inferior to the Kenko, but in reality works just as well. The mechanism for attaching the rings works far better as well as there is an almost imperceptible grinding, like the pieces were meant to fit together and didn’t need to be forced.  Further when one shakes the Apurture rings, you do get some sounds from the interior, but far less so than the Kenko.

Conclusion – For my money the Aperture inspires greater confidence that it will last far longer, with fewer problems than the Kenko macro extender rings. Assuming they are comparable priced, my choice is clearly the Aperture brand… 

I was happy to find that in each of the items, both the Aperture and Kenko worked equally as well when using autofocus mode and ttl systems. Further, the pouch they give you with the Apurture product is a very nice touch.

Aputure tube 70-200mm Kenko tubes 70-200mm
Aputure tubes. 105mm macro

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