The Myths and spirit of Nikon D7100

D7100 at a glance

What nice additions found new?

All enhancements were introduced before in different cameras so while you'll definitely find plenty of it, correct list of novelties will depend on your previous experience

Imaginary bugs and troubles in D7100

  • No AF-ON button
    • Configure AE-L as AF-ON, and half-shutter press as AE-Lock.
  • No PC-sync.
    • Can be cured with PC-Sync adaptor.
  • No 10-pin terminal
    • Compensated by IR remote ML-L3. Small and nice.
  • Plastic mount frame and overall feeling
    • Yes, but very good plastic.
  • Too many pixels
    • No comments.
  • Small grip
    • But it is definitely larger than any previous  DXX and DXXXX series
  • Shutter speed increase
    • True, you need 1/2f or even 1/3f to handhold such dense sensor

Lens requirements.

Before all, you need thoroughly set fine AF adjustments to all your lenses. Some lenses shows their defects, but most lenses benefits from such resolution increase. Also diffraction smoothens picture at f/8, so best lenses are those that peaked in resolution at f/5.6.

Real bugs and troubles in D7100

  • Mirror slap induces vibration, i.e. body too small for shutter and mirror weights.
  • Cumbersome button placement - bracketing button, Fn button, Red button, ISO button.

Minor inconsistencies

  • ISO button combined with review buttons. If you set ISO while preview you'll get preview zoom.
  • Fn button too small, too close to lens mount, accessible by little finger only.
  • Camera's foot (bottom plate) made of plastic, not rubber.
  • 1.3x crop mode frame in viewfinder too thin.
  • 1.3x crop mode not indicated at top LCD.
  • No Release+Focus priority in continuous AF mode.
  • Auto ISO 'Autospeed' parameter too rough. Zero value equals 1/1,5F, next step equals 1/3F, while optimal would be 1/2F (for 300 mm lens they are 1/450, 1/1000, 1/600 respectively.
  • Auto ISO shutter settings get 1/30 with full manual lenses (Pre-AI).
  • Hardly predictable ISO speed settings while using flash.
  • Unusable great red button near shutter button must be configured as Fn. Anyway it does no function until you shoot video.

I don't know what is

  • Small rubber opening to battery compartment near battery cover.

What would be fine...

  • Darkening viewfinder in 1.3x crop.
  • Somehow cure for banding and streaking.
  • Configure red button behavior in photo mode as a Fn2 button
  • Return 'Release+focus' in AF-C
  • Remove unusable mode dial and replace it by ISO, crop mode and bracketing buttons.

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Total comments: 10
By vestay (Apr 28, 2013)

D700 is the same as a D300s??? really? I have both and there is no comparison.

By krikman (Apr 28, 2013)

In sense of handling they nearly identical

By Stacey_K (Apr 28, 2013)

Just FYI, the D7000 does have configurable auto ISO that works well.

By krikman (Apr 28, 2013)

AFAIK Auto-ISO in D7000 don't take account of focal lenght.

By slowhand73 (Apr 27, 2013)

Nice review. Thanks.
You were wondering :
Small rubber opening to battery compartment near battery cover.

Isn't that just the cover for battery grip electric contacts ?

By SverreE (Apr 26, 2013)

Thank you for a nice review. I come from D300 and are very happy with my D7100.

The only thing i didn't understand is why you don't want resolution? At the same time you enjoy 1.3 crop and high ISO improvements...

By krikman (Apr 26, 2013)

Because I print large formats 42" wide and 6MP D40 was well enough with right lens. Perception of clarity by our eyes have little to do with resolution of camera but mostly with photographer's skill (And lens, and subject, and lighting etc.).

Yet another reason is that I purposely miss IQ aspects and concentrate review on handling and getting the right picture.

Comment edited 2 minutes after posting
By krikman (Apr 26, 2013)

Try to use camera instead of "seeing samples"

By TITCHY (Apr 26, 2013)

yeah, I reckon wearing rose tinted fanboy sunglasses can do that to you .
In my oppinion , the D7100 is a pretty ordinary DSLR compared to its competition ,but with an excellent sensor up to ISO 1600 , 99% of the samples I have seen above that have all had dissapointingly unaccepteble noise .

By BlueBomberTurbo (Apr 26, 2013)

Yeah, it can look a bit, uh, crinkled (very minor noise) at lower ISOs, but it's finer and more consistent noise than the DSLRs before it. Especially at high ISO. Easy to use noise reduction without using too much detail, especially with software that uses custom profiles like Neat Photo. Color retention is amazing at ISO 6400, too. Coming from a D7000 (like I did) is even a significant step up in quality.

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Total comments: 10