Android Toy Camera Apps

PhotoWonder (v2.0.9 reviewed)

In short:

  • Very low resolution
  • Preselect filter (optional) with live preview, take picture, reconsider filter, save, then filter/edit
  • Original image is presented for filter change, discard, or save after picture is taken
  • After saving the (possibly filtered) original, then filter/edit
  • If the original isn't saved, the image is completely discarded — no filter/edit or share steps
  • More filter effects, and frames, available during editing than during image capture
  • Filter/edit preview image is zoomable (pinch gesture) for easier editing
  • Final filtered/edited picture must be saved by the user before it can be shared


  • Live preview of selected filter
  • General adjustments
  • Can save as PNG or JPEG
  • Multi-photo collage


  • 1/2 megapixel resolution
  • No zoom
  • No prefocus
  • No self-timer
  • No geolocation


Even among the toy camera apps, PhotoWonder's resolution is poor: 800x600. On the other hand, it offers a number of features that other toy camera apps don't. There's live view with one of nine filters, and you can change your mind on the choice of filter after taking the picture — particularly useful for saving an unfiltered original. A wider range of filters can be applied to the final copy of the picture after capture. PhotoWonder also has a comprehensive collection of editing tools, including cropping if you think you still have too many pixels.

The shooting process is unusually complex. There are separate preview/edit steps for the original image and the final image, and both require that the user tell PhotoWonder to save the result, and an additional sharing step is always presented after saving the final image. Saving both the images results in two photo files for each image you take and then edit.

Image capture

  • Formats: 4:3 800x600

  • Viewfinder features: Live view with selected filter

  • Flash: Yes

  • Zoom: No

  • Prefocus: No

  • Front camera: Yes

  • Self-timer: No

  • Interval timer: No

  • Disable shutter sound: Yes

  • Store geo-location: No

  • Save original: Manual save of initial filtered image. No filtered image unless initial image is saved

  • Auto-save: No

  • Rotation corrected: Yes

  • Other: save as PNG or JPEG

Photo adjustment

  • Image is zoomable during editing: Yes, a bit
  • General-purpose adjustments: Crop, brightness/contrast/saturation, rotate/flip, sharpen, vignette

  • Filters: 9 choices before shooting. Dozens of filter effects can be added multiple times after shooting

  • Filter adjustments: No

  • Frames: 10 choices, more downloadable, after shooting

  • Other: Beauty adjustments to modify faces, after shooting, decorations, collage

Plays well with others?

  • Other apps can use as camera: No

  • Other apps can use as editor: Yes

  • Other apps can use for sharing: Yes

  • Load existing photos: Yes. Shrinks to 960 on long side

  • Upload to: Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, WeChat, Tencent, Renren, Email

  • Transfer to other apps: Yes

App info

  • Publisher: Baidu Intl., China

  • Price: Free

  • Android versions: 2.0 (Eclair) and later

  • User ratings on Google Play: 4.3 (115K)

  • Rating on 71

  • Size: 16.4MB, 15.3MB movable to internal SD card

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By Michael1990 (9 months ago)

there are many PC suite for different types of android mobiles. and i think with PC suite it's easy to control all mobile apps
try this one for Nokia series.

By DWare (Mar 14, 2013)

Wish some examples could have been posted but did appreciate reading the review. Seems a common theme with these apps is truncated, low resolution when applied. Bummer.

Doug Pardee
By Doug Pardee (Mar 14, 2013)

Yeah, I apologize about the lack of samples. I've become tied up on a non-photo-related project and I just wanted to get this information pushed out the door.

As for the resolution, well, that was part of the criteria for which apps were chosen. The only apps I reviewed in this article were those with very low resolution or which forced filtering.

Total comments: 3