Have you ever ----- been waiting for a review with bated breath, and then, when it finally arrives, been SO dissapointed.

The review of the SONY Cyber-shot HX200V ?

I want to know how it compares with it peers, not last years models.

If I'm to make a choice of the current Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, etc superzooms, I'de like to see those cameras in the comparison engine lists.

I understand the editorial pressures to get reviews out on the web site (at least I assume thats the case), but (to me) what a waste of space.

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By bravozulu (Jun 18, 2012)

A lot of brands of electronic gear have forums devoted to industry rumors. Such as Nikonrumors.com. That's where all forecasts and gossip about new products are typically found. Do a Google search using the word SONY CAMERA RUMOR.

I regularly read MacRumors.com for Apple news and gripes and problems.

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