Simpler Glass is Always Better

People argue about zoom lenses and prime lenses and which are better ..

Here is the score .. Some really expensive Zooms can be quite sharp and high resolving as primes and are definitely more practical ..

Primes will remain cheaper, smaller, lighter, sharper, allow in more light for same aperture due to less loss of light in transmission, and need more discipline to use and more hassle to carry several lenses and change in the field ..

Basically if you are out photographing different things on the hop then zoom .. if you are photographing an occasion or a set piece or in a studio or macro then go for prime .. or if you are learning or if you are advanced and want to convey an artistic message or if you want to go really crazy with f1.2 and achieve a really blurred background with an extreme Bokeh .. or if you want maximum light for very exact focusing .. then prime ..

So for anything artistic and not in a hurry prime otherwise zoom

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By Tripodasaurus (Mar 11, 2013)

I prefer fixed focal length lenses because the required lens can be chosen and changed if necessary prior to most landscape, portrait and urban photographs and in any case they help me to slow down and enjoy the whole process of photography. I prefer to try for a few good, well considered photographs rather than rattle off many quick 'snaps'. Taking along only a single slightly wide angle lens can be an excellent way of travelling light. Just move in closer when necessary!

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