Canon Eos Rebel T3i vs. T2i

NikkiSmith | Product Reviews & Previews | Published Jun 11, 2012

The Canon EOS Rebel series is the first choice of people who have an interest in DSLR cameras. The Rebel series is pretty affordable and easy to use and has proven to be a success. The Rebel T2i was considered the best in the Rebel series. But the release of T3i, an updated version of the T2i, forced the fans to think, what is the difference between T2i and the T3i? If you are also curious then all your questions will be answered by after reading this article.

First of all, one cannot resist noting that the T2i and T3i are essentially identical with each other. But obviously, the T3i has various updates that make it a different model from the T2i. Before jumping into comparisons, we should look at the similarities between these cameras first. Firstly, it features the same body frame, sensor, LCD size, image processor and autofocus system as the T2i which means that for the most part, these cameras are almost the same. But when we talk about prices, the T3i is obviously a bit more expensive.

Now we'll analyze the differences between these beautiful cameras. The comparison gets a bit complex once their differences are discussed. First of all, there are a number of updated features in the T3i. It comes with an articulated LCD system, native wireless control of off-camera flash and digital zooming capabilities when shooting 1080p videos. Additionally, a number of of its ergonomic properties were changed for better protection and comfort while handling the camera.

Next, who should buy the T2i and which people are better off with a T3i? The answer is very simple, if you are using your camera just to take photographs, then the T2i is still the best one in that regard. But for those people who also want to shoot videos, the articulated screen of the T3i as well as the digital zoom during video recording can be very useful. The T3i can capture an outstanding 18 megapixel resolution image and simultaneously takes stunning HD videos as well.

The Canon Rebel T3i is the best DSLR camera for upper entry-level photographers as it provides the same quality performance that more expensive DSLR cameras can deliver but with a very reasonable price tag. The T3i’s video shooting capacity is also worth complementing because it supports 1080 HD recording at 30 frames per second. It’s movable 3 inch LCD can also be adjusted for better image and video quality.

Apart from all these features, the outstanding polished leather look of the camera is among the top commented by various users and also it is available in discounted price with the help of online coupons.

After considering everything, there is really no comparison between Canon T2i and T3i as they share so many features and parts with each other. What I can tell you is that if you like taking pictures and you don't really have to use your camera for making videos then the T2i is more than good enough. But if you like to make videos than the T3i is definitely the superior choice.. It makes the camera look shiny and sophisticated and it also offers a good solid grip. It is also comparatively light weight which makes it very easy to use. Overall, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i is without doubt a top performer in the upper entry-level category.