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Hands-on with the Olympus Stylus 1

The Stylus 1 is Olympus's latest high-end compact camera. With 'mini-DSLR' styling and a constant-aperture F2.8 28-300mm (equivalent) zoom lens, the 12MP Stylus 1 has a lot to offer the amateur and enthusiast photographer. While our Seattle and London teams were busy preparing our detailed preview, I got my hands on the new model at last week's Photo Plus Expo show in New York. 

Externally, the Stylus 1 looks very much like a downsized OM-D E-M5, and alongside the E-M5 and newer E-M1 the shared heritage is obvious. The Stylus 1 is angular, purposeful, and stylish (or should that be 'stylus-ish'? - no, maybe not). 

Although it might be tempting to draw comparisons with the recently-released Sony Cyber-shot RX10, the Stylus 1 is built around a much smaller 1/1.7in 12MP BSI-CMOS sensor.