No Clog Problems

Avoiding clogs on the Epson 7900

Well, I have been cleaning my wiper blade the day after each large print job. For me that's 12 consecutive prints. So far I've received only one clogged head warning, and that one was bogus. After continuing one print, I ran a nozzle pattern, comparing it to a previous good pattern. There were no differences. When I started a new print the machine went through a brief cleaning. I did not notice any additional maintenance tank usage. Everything worked fine from that point.

Also, the little IC chip on the ink cartridge is VERY sensitive to dust not visible to the eye. My machine would not recognize the yellow, even though it was properly inserted. As you know this printer won't do a damn thing unless it finds all of its ink. I removed the yellow cartridge, gently wiped the IC chip with cotton cloth, then shot it with dust-off. I also reached into the cartridge chamber and shot dust-off toward the IC contact point. That seems to have worked. Hey, so far I'm $600 in the bank; that would gone to the Epson service man.

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