The Complete Guide to Digital Black & White Photography (Complete Guides)

ILEX (2009), 224 pages, £19,99

ISBN 1905814747 / 978-1905814749

From the original monochrome images, which were considered to be realistic for recording issues and journalist tasks (even in front of the initial colour photographs) compared with traditional painting, the shift to the modern artistic orientation is presented, concentrating in shapes, objects and textures.

In this direction, work of different artists is reviewed form the zone system (will all variety of gray shades and "optimal" exposition for each area and object in the image) to specific photographers that looked for extreme contrast and virtual lack of grayscale.

Maybe too deep into the new features of Photoshop (black and white conversion), the best point in this book is the presentation of alternative methods and programs (also plug-ins), including multiple comparisons of processes and outcome from each one.

Even as an "all-in-one" book, specific suggestions are made for certain types of photos (high key, HDR... to more exotic ones as vegetation, human skin...), as a way to apply the presented concepts. In the end, the idea is to find a personal style based in facts, in this case image objects, subjects and contents.

Michael Freeman is photographer and author of over 100 books...

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