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Ancora Imparo - Abbiamo Tutti Qualcosa Da Imparare

Welcome to a resource of photographers, Beginner and Otherwise. My plan is to provide a single point at which some beginner questions are answered - the forums currently have no stickies and the involved threading is hard to read.

I will edit this first article often and keep it fresh. It would act as a Table of Contents to other articles.

The DPR forums are rich with a lot of information. However, information does not translate to understandable knowledge, wisdom or insights, you have to work at it or if I can help summarise (of course there will be some subjectivity), the information might make more sense.

What we've (not the royal "we") been talking about:

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I offer several other resources:

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By AnandaSim (Oct 8, 2011)

Thanks for the appreciation Ronnie. There's a lot of repeated debating, FLAO leading to upsets when we can try to help everyone start off on a better level of tolerance and understanding.

By ronnieoh (Oct 7, 2011)

Thanks for sharing Ananda

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