Photographing Flowers by Harold Davis

Just a short review of a book I like: Photographing Flowers by Harold Davis.
This is not one book, it's three books in one:
  1. Naturally a book about macro-photograpy
  2. Then an illustrated book about flowers
  3. A book about the biology of flowers
And that for just one price … priceless.
Davis put a lot of pictures together, to show us, what he thinks is important to take a good macro-shot of a blossom. He tell us, what do you have to consider while taking a picture in the garden or in your studio - if you own one -. So every picture comes with a description and many suggestions to take a good shot. Which aperture he took, if he used a tripod, when it is the best time to take the pictures in your garden, the best lighting conditions, what you need in your „studio“ and and and. He will tell you, what is important while working with a light-box, especially how to treat the flowers right. You will have the impression, that macro-photography is no magic. So probably in the end you have the desire to try it for yourself.
But the book is although a book about flowers. Not only as on object in a picture but as a living beauty - a living creature. This is the second core - or perhaps the main - core of this book: the beautiful pictures of flowers. Roses, orchids, flowers of your meadow or from the park just opposite your street. It's just a joy to look at all the different blossoms. Apart from the explanations this book is a picture-book for photographers, hobby-photographers and people, who enjoy looking at beautiful flowers. And because this is a macro-picture-book you will discover a lot of interesting and uncommon views of flowers.

The last theme is the biological view on the flowers. Davis descripes the origin and the latin name of the flower, how many species of this concrete flower exists. Although you will learn something about gender and reproduction. But don't be afraid, it's not an academic book; you will only learn, what you have to learn for taking wonderful pictures of flowers and their very own characteristics.

So, this a a book with three books inside, very interesting, very lovely pictures and a book you will take more than one time in your hands.

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