The forgotten battery

Kodapixel | Camera and Photography Basics | Published Aug 6, 2012

My newly aquired Nkon Coolpix P500.  Finally, more megapixels.  Bought used with no battery.

So far, this is the best camera I have owned. I started digital just this year. Yes I am old

school. Which is why my first digital was a humble Lumix FZ20. I was drawn to the Leica lens

rather than the electronics inside. So I was content with learning on the Lumix, but knew I

needed more megapixels.

  Enter the P500. I paid $130 total with shipping. I bid on a site and won for $115 plus

s&h. It was a steal.It came with no battery, as was said on the site. So I took a gamble

that the camera wasn't trash. After searching online for the proper battery, I all ready

knew that there are after market brands that last longer. Can't be sure, but the original

EN-EL5 is a 800 mAh. mAh refers to milli amp hours. Excuse my spelling! So I ordered a two

1200 mAh batteries through Amazon. I have clicked over 200 shots and my battery icon hasn't

budged. I have upgraded in the past by doing the same for my cell phone. I believe that you

can even get a 1500 mAh battery for the P500.So it is simple math. The higher the mAh

rating, the longer the battery life. You do not have to be limited to the "stock" battery. Hope this helps

anyone on dpreview. The forums and

reviews here have sure helped this Newbie!