A day at Barcelona - street photography

Hi, my name is Moshe Samuel from Israel, I'm father to two childrens that I adore Eitan 4.5yes and Naama 1.5 yrs , if you readers have kids, you should better know the feeling of having some freedom and free time to travel .

So after about 5 years in which we only delt with kids, diapers, sleepless night and other happy and fun stuff you are doing with your kids, we decided that its about time to do for a weekend trip to Barcelona!

Both kids stayed for the weekend with our parents and we took a flight to magic 3 days of traveling. No we don't like museums, we rather spend our free time at restaurants and visitinf local markets and just getting the new atmosphere.

So this is the story bejind our last trip and here are some examples of the type of photography you might want to do while visiting other places or just taking a photogrpahy day out there.

The best thing that I like about the trips, is that its gets you into some other mood, you see other type of activity and thats what motivates  you to take action.

So here are my fast tips for street and city travel photography-

  • Photograph as much as you can! don't put the camera out of your sight for a single minute!
  • Try using small lenses - don't push your Canon 70-200L IS into a kids face, you might find his father doesn't share the same passion for photography us you do.
  • Approach people with a smile- they will smile back at you 95% guarantied.
  • I shoot manual most of the time, I use many times the custom presets.
  • Shoot high ISO as your camera can get - in dark places its a must , but even while traveling outside, you'll get more action and better shutter speeds.
  • Have fun - no explanations about that!!!
  • I did some series of pictures and here are some of them:
Good dog! I'm the dog walker
Just waiting for the bus Cought on a dog fight

Probably the best part of the trip was the time we spent at the local market (besude the shopping and the HandBall match I watched).At the market I used very high Iso settings and pushed My Canon 5DII to the limit , and she handled it pretty well. I had my Canon 24-105L mounted and although it is only f/4, combined with the good ISO and Full Frame DOF, the f/4 made a good job, here are some examples:


The only thing I regret about the trip, is that we didn't spent more time at this market...


So What I learned from this great trip?

  1. I miss my kids all the time!
  2. I love my wife all the time.
  3. The Canon 5dMKII is the best camera of its age.
  4. Just go out and photograph as much as you can!
  5. I think (but don't tell my wife `-( ) that I'm about to buy on of those little mirrorless new cameras, traveling with the MKII and two lenses are a bit of a trouble...

Moshe Samuel is the writer and main publisher at http://www.diyphotographystuff.info and a wedding photographer based in Israel. Keep in touch and visit DiyPhotographyStuff at Google+!!!

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Hi, I'd be happy if your share your here or at my site your tips for street photography!

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