Canon 180L is not able to focus on metallic / silver subject

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Really an unhappy experience with Canon HK, my 180L lens bought for 1 years 3 months, use less than 10 times then no way to AF/MF, fixed with few hundred, ok, it is fine. However, I found out the lens cannot focus to the Sliver logo from Canon HK showroom during the check up before pick it up - the lens has automatically lost focus once pointed to the Canon Metallic / Sliver logo from the showroom. I've visited Canon Service Center and asked to fix 3 times, even checked on the 180L from Canon showroom but still the same ! Canon HK has no reply to me no matter how many I visited or complaint to the people, just pushed me to pick up the lens without any fix; therefore, after the complaint to Canon Japan and HK Consumer Council, Canon HK has officially replied to me that Canon has no way to fix the 180L lens for focusing on the Sliver logo ..... good design or it is the defect of 180L lens ???

Anyway, I have attached the reply from Canon HK, I really want to know is that the defect of 180L lens, if so, then Canon has to recall this product or pay back !

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