Video Marketing with Green Screen Software

Is video marketing difficult to accomplish? Did you get worried dreaming up the shooting locations? If this is actually the case, consider doing your video shooting with green screen. This can be a technique which can produce true wonder of Hollywood. But, like a magic, the good results come only if you work with dedication.

If you made your mind up to employ this method, these are some things needed: -

1. Green screen backdrop – It is usually bought from the retailer who has for sale specialized green screen or blue screen background objects. The backdrop can be a solid-colored sheet or possibly a fabric cloth (especially muslin) which is close to industry-standard colors.

2. Proper lighting – The sufficient level of lighting is needed for the technique.

3. A camera tripod – The camera has to be motionless and locked down when using green/blue screen pictures.

4. Chroma key software – A chroma key green screen software program along with advanced chroma key capabilities is necessary for employing chroma keying technique.

These are the tips when working with chroma key technique: -

• Avoid shadows with green backdrop – The actual green screen background has to be presented to the camera being an even and one color. If the niche casts darkness or if backdrop has wrinkles inside it, these problems are difficult to take out in the editing process with chroma keying software. Thus, treat backdrop separate and consider lighting it separately.

• Keep camera balanced with tripod – The actual green background has to remain still at the time of shooting. For this, tripod can be taken.

• Dress the subject rightly - Do not allow the actors wear the same colored clothes as the backdrop. If green shirt is used against a green colored screen, it will eventually totally disappear & disembodied head will probably be left.

• Keep distance – The subject should be 8-10 feet far away from the screen. This may prevent the casting of shadow on the backdrop.

• The screen should fill the background of the video camera frame – In the event that green color doesn't reach the video camera frame’s edges, adjust it with the aid of zooming the video camera or physically relocating it. Otherwise, you will notice that there is a strip of wall appearing about the edges of the scene.

Green screening is a fun and creative choice to make a video. For this, you need a green screen kit to make the post-production process uncomplicated. Otherwise, the technique can be quite a total time-waster due to its detailed process associated with post-production.

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