50/35mm - Closer to Realm

Basically I can brag all day long bringing all efforts together praising high end lenses that I have owned. Nevertheless the self complacence still remains a few steps back. That's not because I am carrying the burden of over saturation rather an incompleteness that haunted me for long: "The realm of perspective on my work".

How do I see the shots I've been taking for too long getting nowhere closer to the vision I was born with? How do I relate my work to the real world gratifying the arts of the field of vision I have? I have no shame to say, I wasn't doing the right thing, I wasn't capturing the moments that I have seen before, it wasn’t something that grounds me in a sense of nailing it down.

Now I am circumlocuting. Let’s move on to the center. Tell me who invented the zoom lenses? I want to kill that guy for getting me misguided through all the ways of photography. The feel of incompleteness is like a horrible nightmare returning every night sleeping with all my ex-lenses. The glamour of bokeh was hard to deny and I chased it to the end. I was away from the suppleness and living with the glamour. Until the day broke and I felt the need of it.

I don't know what’s the stage of your step into the photography, but if you haven’t got the 35mm (50mm in full frame) lens, you aren't full. The statement came from within, it's not a joke. I can tell you, this one lens can capture the moments as you never expected still cameras can capture. Now if I could, I would glue it with my D7000, jump into the sea if I need to capture a kingfisher, climb a Eucalyptus to arrest a humming bird, lie down to a metro highway to make the wheels still.

That's the level of passion you can expect when you have this bombshell in your hands.


For full frame spoiled ones:


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