What just HAPPENED?? Something's wrong with my D5000 and 70-200mm VR II

Hey, So I was shooting a wedding today and right during the middle of the ceremony my backup camera, D5000 was dead. I mean, one minute I'm snapping, I put it in my holster, I pick it back up, and its dead. I had the 70-200mm VR II on it. I've tried multiple things. Its not the battery and the D5000 serial is not one among the factory covered malfunctions that were built improperly.

I think there's something going on with the lens and here's why.

Last month I was shooting with another D5000 as a backup camera with my 70-200mm. It died the same way. I have yet to get it repaired. I have shot plenty with this newer back up camera but until today, haven't put on the 70-200mm lens. Now, bam! just like that, its dead.

Is there something wrong with my 70-200mm?? IS it my camera? What if I spend the money to repair my camera, get it back only to destroy it again with that lens?

Should I get the lens fixed and the camera? What if I get both fixed, put them together and then it happens again.

I should state that in both instances of shooting with my d5000's and the 70-200mm VRII lens, the camera broke within 10 minutes of the start of the session.

PLEASE SOMEONE out there who knows something, share your knowledge or experience! Thank you in advance.

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