Panasonic Lumix G3

Major HD video recording limitation on the Lumix G3:  Cannot lock exposure during motion picture recording.  I think Panasonic has omitted this rather basic motion picture recording option to force an upgrade purchase using one of their other DSLR cameras, or an entirely separate HD video camera, that DOES lock the exposure during HD video recording.  You can lock the focus while recording video, but not the exposure.  Even in manual mode you cannot lock the exposure during video recording. Ironically, the shutter speed can be locked using the "Flicker Red" menu item (i.e. 1/50th or 1/60th speed or faster). If you see any annoying flicker, even after locking the shutter speed, it's the camera adjusting the aperture and ISO settings during motion picture recording (and this is obviously NOT suitable for professional video recording).  The still pictures from my Lumix G3 are undoubtedly fantastic and breathtaking--and you can do stills with Focus and Exposure locked--no problem (I almost always use this feature).  But NOT with motion pictures. For boasting the G3's HD video recording side, I'm quite angry about this unusual, perhaps calculated, limitation!!!

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By Mibi (8 months ago)

Hi, it's been 2 yrs now and guess what I've just got hold of a G3. A store I happened to pass by offered a value for money G3 which the salesman claimed it,among other things, can display text in the final image , a feature which ranks highly in my criteria for new camera. See I like to know at a glance when did I visit such and such place many years down the road. However I'm disappointed that I have not managed to see this feature work. It could be due to my ignorance. Has anyone tried this feature? , and want to share it here? Thanks.

By jj74e (Feb 7, 2012)

is this not the link for the full article?

Why is this a separate article in dpreview? This seems more like a neat forum post.

By photocreature (Nov 21, 2011)

Just wanted to add, page 100 of the Panasonic Lumix G3's electronic PDF "Owner's Manual for Advanced Features" states "during motion picture recording only cancellation of AE/AF lock can be performed." Question to readers: What does this statement mean/imply?

Total comments: 3