Pocket camera vs DSLR

My EOS50D has taken some great shots, and made events and vacations stay alive and in my memories. When we were vacationing down in Clearwater in March I brought her along and got some geeat shots of the moon over the Gulf of Mexico. But, it's my S100 thats become my constant companion and comes with me every Saturaday on my day off! 

The moon on the Gulf

The specifications of any pocket camera are key to getting Gallery type pictures. The S100 is excellent in manual mode where I can easily change shutter and F stop setting "on the fly". Managing Light is key to all pictures. It's all about light and colors! 

Composing the picture is of course what makes the shot. Couple weeks ago my wife and I were on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. We sat on a bench across from some shops. I had seen two young girls riding a bike and scotter coming in and out of a store. It wasn't long before I was geting some pics. Shooting children is always touchy as parents do not know your intentions. Since my wife was there, I think that controlled the shooting event. The two girls became aware I was shooting and soon we were becoming best friends. 

 The boardwalk girls...

My preference is street/spontanious shots, fun shots that make you smile. After all, if your not having fun, WTF. 

Shooting HD video is just a big plus. The S100 gives it all to you.  So just don't sit there, go get a fun camera and start shooting....

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