Thinking through the NEX-5N camera

I recently aquired an NEX-5N and I am slowing putting it through my personal use/review process.  

One of the first things I like to do is to create a dynamic range test series of images +- 5 stops from a metered shot of textured subject..  I have posted a small gallery on DPReview demonstrating the range of the camera.  There is detail down through -4 and up through +3.  This process gives me a feel of how the camera will perform for me.  (Thanks to Jeff Curto of COD for teaching me this method!)

Range Test Gallery:

I like shooting outdoors and in the open spaces around where I live.  For a while now I have been using the Canon 7D and 100MM macro as my walk around "kit"  I have set that aside to use the  '5N.  My first walks with the '5N and the two zoom lenses seems to produce about the same quantity of keepers I have with the 7d.  I shoot a lot of close up detail and almost macro shots.  The '5N does very well for me with the kit lens but when I use the 55-210 I really feel the need for my tripod.  I think that some of my images are lower in quality due to slight motion blur.  The next walks will be with tripod!


I am left handed and for some reason changing lenses in the field with the '5N is harder for me.  The lens release button is on the wrong side for me.  I am slow and clumsy with this camera.  I will have to take a lot of care to not drop things.

Autofocus on the ‘5N seems a bit odd sometimes.  I was shooting leaves in water along the side of the road with shadows from some trees.  The camera did not get the focus right.  This may be my learning and not studying the manual well enough.  AF with the kit lens is comfortable for me with focus tracking turned off.  I have found focus tracking disconcerting, it will take some learning.

Last evening I took around the kitchen table shots of family.  I used auto-iso and played a bit with P and S modes.  I found that I had somehow done -.3ev and the shots were darker than I liked. This is new to me as I mostly have used a bounce flash for these kinds of images, but the ‘5N lends itself to lower light shooting.

My plan is to shoot the family holidays with the camera including some more formal portraits 

I will update this article over time to add more information and to produce a better compendium of my experience.

I setup two flash units (ceiling bounce) on my RF remote and the flash trigger.  Using some exposed color film over the flash on the NEX-5N i took some family shots in front of the christmas tree.  This gave me good light and did not overpower the lit christmas tree.

**Note i will create a couple of test images of my setup to share.  I am using YN460 II flashes, Cowboy Studio RF and the Sunpak DSU-1.  

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By jpetro (Jan 31, 2012)

i would be interested to see the christmas photo's and set up