Macro Photography Tips

A good macro photography is not only having an excellent camera and great lenses. You do not need a Nikon D7000 or Canon 7D to be a good photographer or filmmaker. You can get it with a simple SONY HDR-CX160.
Macro photography must not only portray something in nature, but also move the viewer to the experience lived by the photographer, and yet provides the feeling of being there in the middle recorded. Watch this video to get a better notion of the subject:

As seen in the video, the concern of the filmmaker or photographer involved in the project should not be just making pretty pictures with perfect color correction. Attention to details is essential (as seen at 2:14 in the video image of the ladybug. The water drops on it and on the corn leaf made ??all the difference to the frame, giving the viewer a more complete and wide notion of the moment recorded. And if you're making a video, instead of a photograph, always worry in recording medium in which macros are recorded at the time, as seen in the video above 2:26.

Another simple, but essential, thing for getting good macro is a good light. If you do not have a flash or light source coupled to your camera or camcorder, always try to shoot on well-lit places and away from the shadows, avoiding, grain, and poor resolution in your photography / filming.

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