Question for help

Im new at this "game". I really struggle to learn something new :-)

I have a Canon Eos 5 Mk2 with original canon lenses. Ive been told that this gear is great! My problem though is my pictures always looks "flat".

I have found some photographers homepages which digital manipulations i really like. Can any of you guys tell me what these people uses of programmes to make such great photos ??

The pages is :


Really hope you can help me!! Id really appreciate it!


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Michael J Posner
By Michael J Posner (Jul 1, 2012)

Did you buy camera new or used. If used, reset all in camera settings. Second, you need to learn a few basic techniques.

1. Set White Balance to match lighting. If this is wrong teh pics will look funny (unless you intentionally want a special look).

2. Shoot in Aperature priority to control depth of field (small numbers like 2.8 give shallow dof, small aperatures like 11 give lots of dof.

3. Shoot in shutter priority to control motion.

4. Check your iso (high iso=grainier shots). Unless you are in low light, use the lowest possible (100).

Hope this helps.

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