2.8|Quarterly Collection of Sport Photography


2.8 (italian dueeotto) is the first publication entirely dedicated to sport photography. It is not a magazine. You will not find any sport news in it. Think about it as a completely new artwork which will bring you the tension and competitive spirit of athletes and the joy of sport all over the world.

That's why it calls a community of photographers who want to translate into images stories of sport and athletes, their concentration, their ability to overcome the limit, their dreams, their strength, their fears, their sweat.

2.8 will be out every 90 days.

You will find it in selected bookstore, you will find it on line, on 2.8's website and Amazon.it.

2.8 is a proud Italian product wich will embrace the different colors of the World through sport, photography and life.

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Dim: 21cm X 27cm X 1cm

Weight: 600gr.

Language: English

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zio walt
By zio walt (Dec 26, 2011)

I've bought it! very cool