How to Create Green Screen Effect in Video

Achieving green screen effect (also known as chroma key) in video was expensive and difficult in earlier days. However, this has become easy and affordable now. In this article, you will read about how to create video with chroma keying effects on the cheap. There are different elements to consider, like backdrop, camera, lighting and software. But before getting into the detail, we will discuss what chroma keying technique is and why it should be used.
What Is Chroma Keying & Why It Should Be Used?

In this technique, the videographer replaces the real backdrop of the video with a new digital backdrop. Rather than putting each visual component in its own frame, this technique blends all the components seamlessly. When the technique is done properly, it gives an expensive-looking feel to the video within affordable budget. To apply this technique, there is no need to build fancy sets; rather shooting can be done anywhere and anytime. After shooting, the simple green screen background can be replaced with a branded digital video background.

Elements Required To Apply Chroma Keying Effect

Camera – There is a need to have good quality camera which helps the user to shoot HD quality video and saves it in the format which the green screen software can accept.

HD Quality Video Camera

Lighting – To easily remove green color effect in green/blue screen software, it is very important to remove shadows at the background while shooting. Spend sufficient time in checking the settings of lights, because all settings should be perfect. If one is getting any problem to make the green screen backdrop disappear completely or if there is any circle of light around the subject, it means that the lighting system needs to be upgraded. The more even is the lighting, the better is the effect.  

CFL Bulbs

One can try some clamp-on work lights along with high-end CFL bulbs. The lights should be set in the way that the screen does not have bright and dark areas. Focus all the efforts on the area which is directly behind the subject. Other area around the subject can be cropped later easily.
Backdrop – Along with a camera and lights, there is also a need to have green / blue screen at the background. It can be a painted wall or backdrop made of muslin cloth.

Green Screen Backdrop

Chroma Key Software – This software is used to remove green background and replace it with digital background. With this software, screen captures and effects can be easily added to the video.  

Chroma Key Software

Is It Really So Easy?

Yes, the process is very easy and inexpensive. So, go ahead. Buy good quality green / blue screen software for desired effects.

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