Free Photo Editing Software Options (Microsoft Windows)

AnandaSim | Software/App Reviews | Published Oct 9, 2011

We often have questions by newcomers on what free software is available. These requests for information could occur in any forum and we often come up with some favourites. Then the thread of discussion falls off the first page of the forum (no sticklie) or you're not in the forum where the post was. Here's a reference point where we can point newbies to.

I'll list some well known free software - feel free to suggest some or add confirmations in comments to this post. I will update this article over time. This is a work-in-progress.

One source of free software is the CD that came with your camera.

I am not aware of any reasonable camera that does not come with CD with cost free software. The software is usually specific to your camera and that has some advantages.

Reasons to consider using the supplied software

  1. It's free
  2. It can read proprietary metadata in your RAW files.
  3. There might be videos and tutorials on the brand's website.
  4. There might be technical support from the brand.

Reasons to consider not using the supplied software

  1. You learn skills that are locked in to that software. If you change brand, the new brand will have different software. You are also missing out on skilling up in defacto industry standard software.
  2. That particular brand's software comes with a sting - adds a bunch of miscellaneous services and modules that you are not interested in, tries to on-sell paper printing and so on. Makes your computer act funny.
  3. The software might be so cut down that it is not missing too many features.

Other Free Software

In no particular order. Details will be added and updated later.

Google Picasa

Wikipedia Description - here

Documentation and Help - here

Download - here

Microsoft Windows Live Photogallery

Faststone Image Viewer

Wikipedia Description - here

Download - here


Wikipedia Description - here

Download - here


Wikipedia Description - here

Download - here