Canon 17-55 F2.8 VS 24-105L F4

raidtariq | Photography and Photographers | Published Jun 25, 2012

Which one is better ! Which one I should buy !

This article just to compare those two lenses cause they are the top 2 in the same price that I can afford, no other lenses, some people when they compare those two lenses they are considering another lenses which dosen't make sense to compare it with those two.

I have had a bad experience with 24-105L on my 7D and in this article I will talk about it and wodering if any one has experience with the 17-55 F2.8 cause would like to buy it since it is very hard to find a good copy of 24-105, but need to get some experience with it.

The parameters that I would like to be my subject when we will compare those two lenses are:

1- Images Sharp. (The comparative between them must be after crop the images by 100%).
2- The Color Indensity, Contrast, Brightness. (Is it Poor or Rich).
3- Chromatic Aberration.
4- Lens Flare.
5- Vignetting.
6- Image Quality.

All the above parameter must test it in all focal lenght and certain F stop. The test must be on the Crop Senser Camera like 7D. Don't compare one lense on Full Frame and the other on Crop Frame.

Now, before doing the test, which one I would like to buy? For me, I would like to buy the lens that give me the Better IQ, More Sharpness, Nice Color, Better Performance. I do not care if it is end in 55 or 105, or one comes with lens hood and the other not, etc ... those parametes do not make the lens better than the other !!

I would like to do a Professional Comparative. The purpose from the DSLR Cameras is to give you the best photo, so I woud like to focus on the photo itself not the features for the lens, i.e. of course everyone does agree that the F2.8 better than the F4 because F2.8 better performance in low light and gives you better bokeh, but the shrpness and the IQ is my priority.

I am iStockphoto contributor, when I upload an image they do the above tests on the image, they do not care what lenses I used, they care about the above parameters.

I bought two 24-105L, both were very bad, for the price I can tell this lense is terrible. For the experience I had with 24-105L, I will not pay more than $500.

Depending on the above parameters, The two lenses 24-105L gives you this results:

1- Images Sharp:

For each one I shoot about 10 images.

At F4/5.6 + 24mm: Is good.
At F4/5.6 + 105mm: Is Fine.
At F7.1 + 24mm: It is terrible (Always Blur).
At F7.1 + 105mm: It is terrible (Always Blur).
At F9-11 + 24mm: It is Normal.
At F9-11 + 105mm: It is Normal.

So the lens has a big weakness around F7.1

2- The Color Indensity, Contrast, Brightness. (Is it Poor or Rich).
One of the copy was Terrible, the other copies was good.

3- Chromatic Aberration.
All of them Terrible.

4- Lens Flare.
About Good in all of them.

5- Vignetting.
About Fine in all of them.

6- Image Quality.

One of them was good and the other was like canon 18-200 quality.

Now, One of them it has a very small dot on the inside the lens !!!! I don't know what it was, if you looking to it from the rear side, it is a white dot, and if you are looking from the front side, it is a black dot.

The other one had a lot on dust inside the lens when you looking to it from the front side. Sometimes it was freezing my 7D, i.e. No responding until Itrun the camera OFF and then ON.

Those dots don't effect on the image itself, but from where it comes!!!! I saw them immediately after I recieved them (While unpoxing them).

I do not know what is going on with Canon!! Did they change the lenses built quality after the Tsunami Disaster ?!!!!! Really it is very hard to get a good copy of this lens.

The both were falty. Is this what we must expect when buying L series!!!!! I mean it might be a falty lens every 100 lenses, but when you get 2 falty every 2 thats mean you will get 100 falty lenses every 100 lenses. !!!

I bought 70-200 F2.8 IS II and replace it on the next day casue the copy Irecieved had an issue with the focusing while IS in on, Out Focus (Blur), Noisy and makes the image jumping when you look throught the view finder, The replacement lens is prefect (Ohhh Thanks God).

Now, What about 17-55 F2.8 ?!!!!! I appreciate any one can share his experience if he bought this lense recently.