Photography: A very personal vision

bijan64 | Pro Photography | Published Sep 14, 2012

Here I would like to write about photography, my experience and some tips for young photographers who might find it helpful. I know there is more than enough photo tips on the net, still I decided to do that, as being someone who is always walking on the learning curves, has something to share for sure.

I didn’t have enough opportunity in school days to do photography. That time I lived in Tara, a remote village in Bangladesh. I don’t know, if people in big cities had enough opportunity, but in the village it was just next to nothing. My photo life indeed began in 1983, when I came to Moscow for higher study. With time I gain experience, changed my view on photography. I wrote about it in another blog (http://bijan64.blogspot.com). In short it is

It helps me to walk through the past, as looking at the photo I go back not only to those places, but to them I was with;

It helps me to get rid of loneliness, when I feel so;

It helps me to be with me when I need to do so. 

But what is most important, I love it and enjoy it.

So I argue you first to understand, why do you want to do photography? It is really important. Why? Ok, let me say. I am a physicist, working on cosmology. As a student I always stood first. But never do anyone asks me what book do I read that made me a successful student or a successful researcher? When you enjoy the food your mother prepares for you, you never think what kitchen utensils does she use? Or reading a nice novel you never think about the pen the writer uses, and so on. But every time when someone sees my photos, most people ask what camera do I use? I think it happens with almost every photographer. I guess, it is the only profession when people don’t recognize your talent, or your skill or vision. They just think it is all about camera. Even I know many starters who think with a good camera they might become a very good photographer in no time. So if you think in the same way, you should better rethink. At least, if you want to be an artist, yes, photographer-artist. For artistic photo, what you need is your vision, your ability to pick something extraordinary out of ordinary things. A good device in this case will be of great help, but with right vision you can still go through with ordinary devices.

In my early days I didn’t know the rules of photography. Mainly followed painters, just saw their albums and tried. I guess with some knowledge about photography, I could do something in other way. Knowing the rules alone won’t make you a good photographer, but it will help you not to make nonsense. It will help you to understand others photo. So let us try to talk about it. By the way, it is told that we see from top left to bottom right. It is a puzzle for me. We know all the European languages are written from top left. Bengali, my mother language, has the same rule. But I am not sure, if a Arabs, who wrote from right to left (i.e., begin from top right and end at bottom left) or Chinese, who writes from top to bottom, see the photo or painting in the same way. Hence I think rules of photography are not those of physics, which is true everywhere, but like civil laws, which may vary, or at least a photographer can break it to get a better photo.  You may ask, should you then really need to know them. I think you do. As in that case you will know what to break, and with a good knowledge you will even know when to break them. So just be patient and try to understand them. No, not now! It will be sometimes later in my next post. Have a nice time with your camera. Bye!