Review of Total Image Converter

When it comes to converting photos to other image foramts, there are 3 main options: either use the software that comes along with your camera, or all-in-one monsters like Lightroom, or try third-party image converters. After working with programs that can do almost everything and offer you endless options and settings, it's a relief to find a small tool that just does what it says.

The CoolUtils official website provides access to a family of converters, including this one, making them readily available for users all over the world. Today I am reviewing Total Image Converter.

There are many reasons why I stand for this utility. It goes for $19.90, which is not much considering the bulk of work you can do with it. Second, it converts JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, PCX and RAW images to a variety of formats, including those set up for various mobile devices and cameras. To be more specific, this program converts to BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, ICO, PNG, GIF, PCX, TGA, PXM, RAW, TIFF, PDF. Besides, it has presents for converting photos for Kodac Cineon, Graphitz DOT, SMTPE DPX, TITS, HTF, MIFF, MTV Raytracer, Palm Pixmap, HP PCL Printer, Apple PICT, Irix RGB (SGI), SUN Rasterfile, VICAR, Khoros VIFF, XBM, GUMP XCF, XPM.

Whatever file you want to convert to whatever format, you will be able to do that with ease thanks to the robust interface. The interface is divided into three vertical panels, the left-hand one offering a file tree, the middle one showing particular pictures/thumbnails, and the right-hand one featuring a built-in image viewer. There are a menu toolbar and target format toolbar right at the top of the interface. The middle panel is capped by a toolbar featuring Rotate, Resize, Crop, Watermark and Frame options. 

 The main window of Total Image Converter

To convert a file, scroll the file tree and click on the folder with your source images and view them using the middle panel. Images can be displayed either as pictures or as thumbnails, and you are free to choose which mode is more acceptable for you.

Check an image, which you want to save in another format. Here comes another great function, which can help you save a lot of time and energy. With this image converter at hand, you can convert images in batch. In other words, you can check all the images, which are found in your chosen folder, instantly. To do so, hit the Check all button below. The ticks will appear in all the checkboxes. You can remove the ticks just as easily by hitting the Uncheck all button.

Next thing you can do is apply the aforementioned editing options, which you can see at the top of the middle panel. For example, if you click Rotate, the wizard window will pop up and give you three options: Destination, Rotate and Start. Choose the second one and specify your preferred image position. Each of the following options is applied in the same way. If you would like to create a framed image, you can choose between 9 frames styled and colored in different ways. If you have checked all the files as described in the batch-convert paragraph, these options will be applied to all of them.

To study a particular file, use the built-in viewer. Read image parameters below, which include file size, width, height, file type, orientation, camera specifics, etc.

Preview Window in Total Image Converter

Select your target format using the target format toolbar or Convert menu in the menu toolbar. The wizard window will pop up with a list of parameters, which you can apply prior to conversion. It should be noted that each target format has its own list of parameters except for a few standard ones, which include Destination, Convert, Watermarks and Start. The Convert option includes the same old editing options, which we have discussed above: Crop, Resize and Rotate. The Watermarks option includes Logos, Frames and Comments. If you are converting your images to JPEG, there will be Colors and Quality options. If you are converting to JPEG 2000, you will be offered to choose an appropriate compression level. PNG offers a choice of transparency parameters. As you convert your images, you can experiment with different image parameters and figure out how your choice affects image quality. This requires a bit of experience. If you are a novice user, skip it and apply the default parameters, which ensure average output quality level. When you have specified all parameters, hit the Start button and wait until the conversion is over. It may take a few minutes if you are converting a large number of files in batch.

Users are encoureged to download the free trial version first. This version demonstrates the product’s functionality and shows you its true value. Now you have 30 days to read the description, view the screenshots and try it on your images using the options incorporated in this utility. The converter will stop being functional when the 30 days expire. At an attempt to launch it, a window will pop up with a registration code field and a message offering you to enter a registration code.

To download the trial version, hit the Download button on Total Image Converter's home page. Then select Save file to download the setup file. Navigate the download list, locate the setup file and double-click it. Thus you will launch the installation process. Choose your preferred interface language and follow installation wizard directions. Press Browse to specify destination for your converter. It is recommended that you accept the default icon settings offered by the wizard. Then hit the Install button and wait until the program is fully installed on your PC. Click Finish to finish installation. The converter will be launched automatically right after that. This is a compact and user-friendly converter, and it occupies only about 5 Mb of disk space.

Also, you can operate this tool via command line using tagged commands. This function allows you to convert your images from within other applications. 


In no way can Total Image Converter replace RAW converters for professional photographers. But when you have a folder of RAW shots of your daily routine that you want to convert to JPEGs, this little tool is a life saver. I see two main advantages of Total Image Converter: one is the ability to convert images in batches, the other is the straightforward interface where you can' get lost. The free trail is a good chance to make your own opinion.

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By RoyceLowton (9 months ago)

Hotplate, yes, Total Image Converter supports NEF files. My mother-in-law shoots in raw too, though I have never seen her editing those raw photos;)

By Hotplate (9 months ago)

Does it support NEF files? My mother used to shoot in raw but she is not interested in post editing. I though one day I would edit them myself, but now I am thinking about converting them to jpegs and leaving them as they are.

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