All Lit Up
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All Lit Up

One of the things Ricoh representatives told us about the K-S1 was that they wanted to make the camera more accessible to people who are intimidated by regular DSLRs. Something they cited was the new mode dial, which is essentially the same thing that's usually found on the top of a DSLR, but on the back plate and back-lit.

Here you can see this dial in all its glory. While this photo does not show it very well, everything on the dial as well as the four-way controller is backlit.

The OK button at the center glows blue. While it's hard to put into words, the direction buttons that surround the OK button are way too small and difficult to use.

Unless you're in one of the auto AF modes, the four-way controller used for selecting a focus point. We bashed our heads against the wall for a while trying to figure out how to adjust the ISO/flash/drive/white balance settings on the four-way controller, but it only takes a press of the 'blue button' to switch functions. The animation as it switches functions is pretty cool, too.

If you look closely at what's on the screen above, you'll see that Pentax has given the menus a new font. And it's about time.