Learn Photoshop?

As I am browsing through this large message forum, I had found that a lot of people are commenting about either their experience with Photoshop as a resource for Photographers, and some difficulties that you've had with it.

For some reason I haven't been able to post a reply to those comments. I don't know why sends me an error about a past link. Maybe the comment is too old (but it shows on the top of the lists, isn't supposed to be active?).

I'm not a graphic designer, but I've worked with PS for quite a while now, I think I started with version 6. There's the learning curve but it's worth it. Many of the basic editors will only allow you to change brightness, contrast, rotate the picture, crop, cut, paste, resize, and maybe colorize. But that's about it! 

What I wanted to tell all of you is that, Photoshop is a nice tool for any graphic editing problem or situation where you need to edit something in or out the picture. Photoshop CS5 also comes with some surprises and nifty tricks. Some such as bending objects (pixels not really objects! wow).

So, in the posts many where also looking for other ways to get the tool. I bumped into this post of a person who was asking where to get Adobe's Photoshop. I don't know how much time does this person goes online or since when, but you all know that in the official website you will be able to find all the information regarding the product (whatever product we are talking about). So, anyways, maybe the question was: "where else can I download Photoshop for free?".

See, this question makes a lot more sense.  I won't say there aren't places where you can download it free and ready to use it as a "pirated" software or "warez" as others may call them.

But if you're looking to download photoshop for FREE, I can say that I have the best solution for you!

It's called... Gimp.

Yep, that's it. Gimp is the FREE solution to graphic editing. If you're already familiar with Photoshop's interface, then switching to Gimp won't be a problem at all.

Gimp is developed by Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis and the GIMP Development Team. They have made such a great effort to bring a professional editing tool into the FREE world. Basically it has the same tools, the same dynamics, a very likely interface and menus. You could say that Photoshop was the model for Gimp. But the real deal is that is absolutely FREE and it works!. You will find that you can get the same results because it depends on the people knowing how to use the tools. Just as it happens in photoshop. 

Check this Free tutorial on how to use Gimp, (for starters)


You can download gimp at their official site www.gimp.org and don't forget to check this Starters Tutorial video so you can watch Gimp in action.

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