Telephony update for Nokia PureView 808 and 701 released

Amanda Green | Product Reviews & Previews | Published Mar 19, 2013

Nokia recently launched two smartphones one Nokia pure view 808 and another Nokia 701, minor but useful upgrade for its two Symbian Smartphones. . Users of both devices previously were reported to be complaining about the calling issues in both the devices globally.

This latest upgrade known as “Telephony Update”. It is the solution to the stated problem. It will also bring calling related improvement to both the devices. It offers better call quality and network related fixes for the smartphones. 

Users can expect something new coming up for these devices in the coming days but as of now no this update no new features additions for the devices. The upgrade is available over the air for all the users of Nokia PureView 808 and the Nokia 701 and is small in size. It’s not need to panic because users will get a notification on their device for the upgrading. 

Previously also nokia had released upgrades for the Symbian devices. Also added new features and improved the overall experience of the devices. If not many but we hope that this will continue for at least a couple of more years.