First-person: At the sea

Today I took a trip at the beach out of the summer season, when all is ungarded and unprepared. The beaches are fenced by some green nets worn by the weather. The paysage is quite drab at first sight but we can use lot\'s of things and I\'m quite sure well catch someting also on this shoot.  I spotted that yellow cabins (0:04) with a blue door that are interesting. Looking at them we can see that the sky isn\'t a winnter today and the sand in the front is too "flat" too guide the sight so we have to work with an element in the foreground; and that is the net (0:19). As you can see in the first shoot I used a +1 EV overexposure because in that light condition and with those subject I prefer to create some kind of athmosphere leaving the shadows quite open-up so all becomes quite dreamy and that\'s helps. 
Near the shoreline I found other nets, probably used to keep the sand, moved by the wind. There are lots of openig that I can use to create a simple composition (0:31). Stopping down the aperture I\'m able to get a longer expoure time and focusing on the shoreline I can have a wavy dark frame.
On the same place there\'s another view: crouching down to have a lower position I found a view including the wood pole (0:52), not so bad but the pole in quite invasive looking at the final shoot. 
Not so far I found a big bare tree just in the shoreline (1:23), the brances has a good position so I can try some shoot against the sun with the coast line closing the landscape on the background. Another closer view (1:30) excluding the coast line creates another image of the same place where the tree seems to lie fully in the water. I prefer that second shoot due to the sky condition.
When the sun is partially hidden by soft clouds yo ucan obatin better contrast and colors keeping the sunlight on a side (1:45). Here I found some bicycles parked by some people and I liked how they appear on that empty beach; to add interests and a bit of curiosity I framed also those sea-garbage on the foreground (1:50). Those ruined bathing huts (1:58) drawn my attention; the pole on the first hut recall me a ship marooned on a reef, and also on that shoot I\'m keeping the sun at the right (2:20). Some steps back and I can find a wooden wall lying on the sand, I can tyr a composition with that element in the foreground and the ruined huts on the background (2:33) keeping the camera overexposed by 1 EV to compensate the light reflected by the white wall on the floor I can keep the mood I started to shoot today. This shoot (2:43) brings in it the idea of a neglected place while the previous one is less critical and more conceptual: using the elements that you can find  in a place and choosing the framing you can change your message quite easily. 
A small red wall can help a quite simple composition (2:45) partitioning the image in horizontal color stripes : red of the wall, sand, sea and sky.  I kept the pole on the second half and waited that  the people walking on the shoreline has a good non overlying standing position. The wing keeps blowing and my attention is on the nets again (3:04) the opening is large but the background is not a winner, so I\'m using a fast shutter speed to freeze the net and maybe obtain a quite interesting smooth form. The movements are not predictable so it\'s a good idea to take some other shoots (3:25) and then, if you\'re lucky, you can take a interesting image.

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