Compositing on CS5

I actually use Gimp instead of Photoshop, but I got to say that the new CS5 tools and tricks are indeed very refreshing and useful.

If you work in the publishing business or by any chance you need to edit graphic content such as add external elements to the picture, edit out objects and do mainly digital work, then you know what it means to get rid of all the elements of a picture, specially if its a model and the hair is either flying in the air or is all puffy.

There are certain tools that will help you in this task. One of them is the well known MagicWand, this tool will help you select an area and get rid of it in just seconds.

The MagicWand works best when you have a single color background or element you want to take it away... I'll let this video to teach you how to do it yourself! If you don't have the software ye, visit the adobe's website and I'm sure you will find a demo version to download.

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Happy editing!

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