Camera360 Ultimate App (free)

 Camera360 Ultimate is a wonderful camera and editing app for the apple and android platforms.  When I downloaded Camera 360 ultimate it was free with optional pay for additions.

Camera360 is very popular with 20 million downloads worldwide. 

I liked the ease of use. plethora of filters and the multiple image camera modes.


 The first screen has the usual buttons on the top plus an indicator in the middle telling you what filter you are currently using. 

There is a zoom and white balance lock on the right side.

The bottom left button has access to your library with its bulk, import, and collage features.

  The second button from bottom left opens this self-explanatory eight option menu bar.  I enjoy shooting with the four grid capture modes.  The center button is the camera shutter release.


 The fourth button opens the Effects and Scenes pages.  This is where the app gets exciting. Each Effect Filter has multiple variations within each filter and an optional slide bar, that can be found on the bottom right hand side on each filter screen.  The slider allows you to reduce or intensify the filters. You can save the image to your camera roll and import your photo for multiple filter processing.


  The bottom right button brings you to the settings page you see to the right.  A big bonus is  the Real-time feature. This feature allows for a live view and even shows the filters if you have chosen one.  Real-time makes composing with the mirror filter much easier. 

I have left off a few things here and there in this how to review, but what fun is an app if you know everything about it. I like "discovering" things for myself sometimes.

  I give Camera360 Ultimate 4 out of 5 stars.

 What I like:  User experience, filters, Real_time viewing, slide zoom  What I don't like:  The amount of clicks to save the image to the camera roll

Below are some of the photograph I took  to experiment with the mirror filters and the hdr filter.

IMG_4347IMG_4349IMG_4352IMG_4355IMG_4257IMG_4284IMG_4346IMG_4275IMG_4277IMG_4278IMG_4274IMG_4300IMG_4309IMG_4297IMG_4261IMG_4262IMG_4263IMG_4272IMG_4282IMG_4281 IMG_4361IMG_4363IMG_4342

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