Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro and Lightroom

MATiO | Product Reviews & Previews | Published Mar 9, 2013

First of all please excuse my English. 

So I have made my mind and bought myself the Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro. The main reasons I bought it were: 

The perfect choice would be Thinkpad Helix, but it is way too expensive for me. So I went for Ativ.

My usual usage scenario is - do the photos of people skiing in back county all day and work with photos in the evening. At least that is what I have been doing all the last week.

Roman Heczko - FreerideCamps.cz - Hochfügen 2013

So after the one week of usage I have to say: 

Hochfügen 2013

So these are my first thoughts about my new toy. Feel free to ask me in the comments, shal you have any questions.